Dear futcher grade 7 teacher

I don’t really like school because I’m kinda lazy. Also because teachers always talk a lot I dis like siting for a while. I am going to tell  you a little bit about myself  I have three dogs there names are (Rocco,Roxy,Krammer) and one cat his name is Oreo also I play rep hockey that is a little of my life. I don’t really work good specially in a group but I get work done. I dis like it when I have to sit beside the teachers desk. I honestly do not get along with some people. These things I’m going to improve on next year I’m also going to try hard next year not to get in trouble like I have in previous years.

Thank you

Scincerly , Jordan ,c

Draft Letter

April 30, 2014 70 Bobolink Road

Hamilton,ON L9A 2P5 905-385-5344

Dear Peacekeepers,

My name is Jordan. I am a grade 6 at Cardinal Heights Middle School. I am contacting you because the grade 6’s and 7’s are doing for our documentary film project doe {Canadian peacekeepers do more good then harm or more harm then Good} we would like you to come to our school so we interview you and ask you a couple of questions if that is ok with you our school address is 70 bobolink road *hamilton Ontario also you can contact us on this website hwdsb commons and you would contact me jcoward7442 also my teacher Bhughy.

Thank you for your time Sincerely Jordan c

Judging and evaluating

Firstly I think lacrosse is better then Hockney even though there olmost bassicily the sportI would prefer lacrosse more then hockey because at a hockey game it’s pretty hard to scoe at lacrosse games the score is normally like 16 and over.

Secondly in hockey you get to check and sometimes hit whith your stick in lacrosse you get to hit check and push I think hockey is more less harmful then lacrosse so you have to give cradit to hockey. Also there both are a work out and you get to toss the ball around and catch it and that seams mor fun then hitting a puck. In hockey you have so much a quitment so it is haveyer.

thirdly a puck is more harder than a in dean rubber ball and in lacrosse you have more of a chance of getting ingeard but everydare you might get ingeard in hockey your face is only pertacted only with glass over your face so garentied your gona get stitches or blood running  down your face Lacrosse your whole face is pertacted

Lastly lacrosse Olympic sport and hockey is but larosse is more populer lacrosse is on tv hardly on TV becouse people can see you play hockey has Nhl ahl so hockey has been seen more reather then hockey my post about judging and evaluating.


Miami heat is a good team becouse most likelyevery body can dunk and shoot 3 pointers. it doesn’t matter who you are and what your ability is just have it matters if you work together and not ball hog.  and  I like them brecouse  well there differint then they others there brecouse they other teams get mad and complane  brecouse they other team scored Miami is just like who cares Weil get it back. and they will just go and do there thing and score you dont even have to do any else but pass,deak,have fun and score. that s my second blog post.

My introduction

I like the Toronto maple leafs because when I was a kid my whole family like the Toronto maple leafs so I thought I should. Also I saw them play and I thought they were the best team yo me they are a well put together team. I speshely like vanrinsdik and lupul and I kinda like Phill Kessle number 81. I think more then half of Canada likes the Toronto maple leafs. That’s my blog post about me that I like the Toronto maple leafs

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